The Secret Society's Newest News:

January, 2016 - Happy New Year!

January 15th

The Better NPCs section has been reorganized into separate pages for each type of NPC: Service Staff, Custom Clerks, Entertainers and Custom Deliveries

NEW! In Service Staff: Dorota, a uniquely magical Full Service NPC designed by SimScilla, and Nasegl a magical nymph "scullery maid" (light house cleaning). Scilla has also provided Dorota with some suitably magic-themed NPC only objects based on Gnohmon's Servo's Quarters Objects.

NEW! In Other NPCs: Simstrolo the Bard is a medieval themed, mascot-style entertainer NPC that may be used on residential or location lots. (E-Z Clone)

UPDATED in Custom Clerks:: The older "personality cashiers" have all been home enabled. The newer Garden Center cashier (who also sells UL Plant tonic) has been moved from the Yahoo Group (and forum) to the website now. He has also been updated to improve his ability to tend gardens on location lots.

January 1st:

Jan 1st brought many new pages, repackaged zips, moved files, some DSCali kitchenette sets and a new hacked counter found on the new pages in Better Kitchens, Better Entertainment, and Work-at-Home (formerly Crop & Gardens) For details see the new Updates and Revisions in 2016 page

Old News:

October, 2015:

The Graveyard Grub Set (3 new objects, 2 new hacks!) can be requested at N99 Sims 1 POBS section

July, 2015

I got an email letting me know that Yahoo is glitched and not allowing new members to join groups, so I have uploaded (almost) all of those objects to a forum at my message board. Guests can download - there is no need to join the Board.

In addition to the S.S.o.W. objects I have included some of more Melissa's DSCali sets and Lost-to_Sims' all purpose android NPC, Matilda. It is the same NPC that is available from her abandoned Yahoo!Group with the addition of the original skins.

Downloads from the Y!Group

now available at The Drawing Board (password: OfferedAsIs)

Again, there no need to join this message board. Info and Downloads is already available to Guests. The only advantage Members have is the ability to post.


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