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There's been a little surge of interest in TS1 so I know people have been coming around and the old hodge-podge website difficult to navigate. My apologies for that. The site map, here should help you get to the items you are interested in.


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My apologies for not having followed through with updating the website (and especially leaving it in a messy shambles instead). I've been spending all of my simming time playing, socializing, and tinkering with FreeSO. Yep, anyone who misses or has ever been curios about The Sims Online, you've got the chance to play it (well... beta test it, at any rate)! If you do look me up! (I had to drop the extra "e" from my name because someone else beat me to my spelling but id you search for lots with "Woobsha" in the name you'll find me!)

Another FreeSO player, Alex, who's a 3D artist and a great sense of style has joined me and as we make custom content for THAT game, we'll see about make TS1 versions and adding them here for you guys as well. Until such a time, here's a menu of all of the old stuff. Hopefully everything is linked up properly! O.o


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