The Secret Society's Newest News:

June 23, 2016 - ICE CREAM!!

I know, I know, it's a bit too early to update again, but I had to share this with you guys immediately!

Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Machine from Olena

June 21, 2016 - Bunny Wuffles Tribute!

The Turkish Baths, based on the real Victoria Bathhouse, was originally built by Bunny Wuffles as a residential lot. In addition to the unique and beautiful architectural elements that truly define the building, the lot comes semi-furnished and features a number of C&C hacked items guaranteed to keep your Sims fit, healthy, and happy.

Bunny Wuffles' put tremendous work into being as accurate as possible with her original Victorian Turkish Bath set. I, on the other hand, am playing it pretty 'fast and loose' with my add-ons. I've made a couple of SS spa items to match, hacked a brand new spa item, and put together a few items for a reading room that includes 2 different types of hacked bookcase.

June 11, 2016 - Gifts!

We were just given a great gift of 5 money making rugs! Rather than let them get lost in the other decor I made a brand new GIFTS page to highlight them and the other goodies SSoW has gotten over the years. A couple of them will be new to you guys. Those two and the brand new Rugs of Desposit can be downloaded directly from the new GIFTS page

Old News:

For links to all of this year's updates, please see the new Updates and Revisions in 2016 page

October, 2015:

The Graveyard Grub Set (3 new objects, 2 new hacks!) can be requested at N99 Sims 1 POBS section

July, 2015

I got an email letting me know that Yahoo is glitched and not allowing new members to join groups, so I have uploaded (almost) all of those objects to a forum at my message board. Guests can download - there is no need to join the Board.

In addition to the S.S.o.W. objects I have included some of more Melissa's DSCali sets and Lost-to_Sims' all purpose android NPC, Matilda. It is the same NPC that is available from her abandoned Yahoo!Group with the addition of the original skins.

Downloads from the Y!Group

now available at The Drawing Board (password: OfferedAsIs)

Again, there no need to join this message board. Info and Downloads is already available to Guests. The only advantage Members have is the ability to post.


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