Name note: This the focus of this set is the harvestable grapes and we planned on making a winery out of it. Unfortunately, we only got as far as making the grap jam canning station so switched from "winery" to "jammery" (as you do). Well, I decided to find out if there is actually a real name for a canning place focuses on jams and ...OOPS! It turns out Jammery is the name of a real establishment! Yum! Will definitely have to pop my head in if I'm ever in Canada. Oh. I got so distracted by that delightful business I completely forgot to find out if there's a real name a jammery.

This set allows Sims to work from home. This hacked grape crop is easier to care for than the Unleashed crop. The resulting Fresh Grapes when harvested cannot be placed in a pantry. Instead it may be sold directly off of the vine or harvested and then either given to other Sims as gifts or used in the Green Gardener Canning Station to create Grape Jam which is then sold. Developing your Sim's Food or Outdoors interest and Cooking skill will increase the amount of money made from these sales.

Download: Vineyard Grape Jam Canning Set

Place the plant in your garden, water and when it blooms, you can harvest or propagate the plant (to make a new plant). Harvesting a plant can mean selling it directly from the vine or, for those with Hot Date and higher, adding the "Fresh Produce" to your inventory. Sims with a high interest in the Food(*) have a better harvest, making more money from the direct sales, harvesting more grapes into their inventory, and doing less damage to the plant so it can be harvest again sooner.

The Fresh Grapes (which never get old or go bad, by the way) in your inventory can be given as "gifts" (like HD's roses, lollipops, etc) or used to make grape jam in our special hacked canning station. Your grape jam will be a better quality (sell for more money) the higher your cooking skill is. Poor cooks can ruin a batch of Fresh Grapes by canning them and are always better off selling the tomatoes straight from the vine. Great cooks with a high Food (*) interest can make a LOT of money (In fact, this came out more of money cheat than I actually intended. oops!)

Like the Maxis original, this object does raise your cooking skill with use. Unlike the maxis original which is always available, the Green Gardener canning station does REQUIRE the fresh tomatoes (in your inventory) to get the sauce started.

No EP required, but both items are enhanced by HD

Reminder: this plant does not replace the UL tomato plant, and the crops can't be stored in the pantry or used to cook meals, or sold to the OT gardener.

* NOTE: The Food interest was added with the Hot Date expansion pack. For those playing a pre-HD game, the interest that effects harvesting is Outdoors.

Download: Grab-n-Go Snacks Display (Grapes)

This display sells bunches of grapes for Sims to snack on. The display is only one object, hacked to displays appropriate graphic depending on whether it is placed on a surface or on the floor. (This snacks display may also be used on away lots)

The Grab-n-Go Hack:

Grab-n-Go Displays are one of SSoW's "Home Business" hacks. They sell (fake) products to visitors, generating an income for your Sim-Family. These sales do not actually reduce the family budget of customer sim, and do not place anything in the customer's inventory.

With each sale, there is a chance the visitor will decide to take their purchase home, making room for new "customers" to visit your lot. This was designed with the assumption that you have a visitor generator active on your lot that will bring new "customers" in automatically.

Download: Vineyard Bakery Set

  • Baker's Oven (MM)
  • Recipe Book (MM)
  • Barrel end table (TS)
  • Decorative box of preserves (TS)
  • 2 Decorative baskets of grapes (TS)
  • Worktable (TS) (dining table)
  • Shop sign (HD)
  • Shop door (HD)

Credits: All surfaces Deco base for box of preserves by Around the Sims

Download: Vineyard Kitchen Set

  • Counter (HD+)
  • Stove (LL)
  • Sink (TS)
  • Dining table (TS)
  • Dining chair (TS)
  • 2 Kitchen Hutches (TS, hacked)
  • Snack basket of grapes (TS, hacked)

Both kitchen hutches are hacked bookcases that allow Sims to study Outdoors and Food interest, as addition to Cooking and Mechanics. (Food Interest only appears for those with HD+)

The snack basket and one of the hutches has an additional hack allowing sims to have grapes as a snack. It is a free snack that is always available to both adults & children and gives as much hunger as the bag of chips from the fridge.

Credits: Base for lighted Overhead cabinets by Madoria, All surfaces Deco base for tomato basket by Around the Sims, and EP free Curtain base by PollyMogs

Download: Vineyard Patio Set

  • Makin' Magic Nectar bar (MM)
  • Basket end table (TS)
  • Wicker chair (TS)
  • Vat of Wine 'punch bowl' (HP) hacked to work on location lots
  • Vat of Water 'fountain' (TS) hacked for Sims to wash hands in
  • Decorative wine vat (HD+)

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