If you are a Sim object maker and use S.S.o.W. objects as bases, please send us your link so we can add you to our links.


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Thanks to Liz of Moppet Sims for the great S.S.o.W. link button she's made.

A HUGE thanks to these sites for allowing us to use their work.

Ines Sim Bakery C&C Enterprises CandleLight Sims
Atelier Quebec Poetica's Place Around the Sims Madoria's World Sim Freaks
Bag of Tricks Bag of Tricks 2 Enchanted Sims Sim Logical Gnohmon's Sims 1 Goodies Aponee Simz
Pollymog Y!group Shiny Things SimStuff by Aunt B Some Simthings Sim Sketches -  site closed Magic Sims


The Fat Strawberry - free textures

Some Sim sites that have objects by or cloned from S.S.o.W.

Eph's Den of Many Sims Poetica's Place Gookabeez Stuff Nisimuku
Enchanted Sims Gyoikoh Cherry Blossoms Bag of Tricks Bag of Tricks 2 Simblesse Oblige Forums Aponee Simz
Simply Stylish Sims Shiny Things Madoria's World Spiralbound Sim
Sim Apts Eisbaer's Creations SimStuff by Aunt B SimStuff by Aunt B Adult Content Adult Content

And Have You Seen This Yet?
Visit these sites for more hacked and unique objects!

Some Simthings Some Simthings has unique hacks and hacking tutorials for beginners. You'll find all sorts of goodies here but its an especially great place to look for "electronics" replacement items, skills objects and hacked goodies for children. Along with the more sophisticated hacks you'll find the famous Super Sculpture (cheat object) and a really impressive Portal Replacement system that allows you to convert a lot from one type to another!

Atelier QuebecAtelier Quebec has some of the loveliest Asian styled objects including a tea set with custom animations. While not an official Hacked Objects site the objects all seem to be customized to the suit the creators. The non-Asian items are equally impressive (the rocking horse children can ride comes immediately to mind.) This site is also home to programs for Mac users, including IffSnooper.

Magic Sims Magic Sims has some fantastic and unique hacks. Lost's brilliant sense of humor and hacking talent shine through in hacked sets like "Spouse in a Box". There are far too many clever hacks to mention but if you are looking for new mailboxs, to build an art gallery or want set up an adoption agency this is the place to go. Lost-to-Sims shared my enthusiasm for stripping the expansion pack requirements out of her hacks.

Amaelamin ValinorAmaelamin Valinor has absolutely GORGEOUS, exotic furniture. While vibrant, lush silks and ornate carving comes immediately mind when I think of Amaelamin Valinor you'll also find there's also some really lovely rustic items in the Portuguese them and Jotapomba shows off how versatile she can be in the Treasures section with an ultra sleek, super classy, very modern dining room set.