WEEK 4: Adding New Behaviors and Menu Options

Author: Grapholina

Hello, everyone! I think by now most of you are comfortable with my quirky way of teaching, so I'm going to push on, moving you in a rather speedy way towards a few items that are really more on the Intermediate level, but which I feel you are ready to handle.


  •  Starting a Code Book
  •  A Brief Look Into Functions and Placement
  •  Adding a New Interaction to Our Chair
  •  Adding to Our Chair's Menu
  • Another Way of Adding Moods

This week we're going to add to our chair a quite unrealistic behavior and interaction. We will give the Sims the choice to set their lovely chair on fire. By doing so, we will learn a new function, and we will explore placement. Functions and placements are two factors we will explore in detail once we get to the Intermediate Level classes, and since this is our last Entry Level class, I felt it was a good jumping point.


Every hacker has in one form or another, a Code Book. We build our own Code Books depending on our needs and on how we like to work. Today, you will start to build your very own based on mine. After it is all said and done, you of course, are free to change it up any way you want.

I use a sturdy and large 3-ring binder, sectioned off with tabs, and an index table for quick access to sections of code I have acquired. One of my tabs is "Functions".


We've dealt with functions before. Every time you looked at your Data box, you've had to deal with a function of some type. There are 4 types of functions, and they are:  Expressions, Privates, Semi-Globals, and Globals.

Fig. 1.1



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