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Fixes and Iff-Patches for Sims Objects

Only one program is needed to apply these fixes. PC users can use the free program IffPencil2. The original site offering IffPencil2 is no longer doing so but the program is still available on other sites, such as The Sims Workshop, a free section of The Sims Resource

IffPencil2 looks a bit sparse when you first run it but don't let that panic you. If your Sims game has not been installed the regular place, IffPencil will be confused and you'll get "could not find behavior.iff" messages instead of it working properly. For now, I'll assume you let The Sims install where it wanted to and move on.


Since these fixes are not zipped up you can download them directly to the folder you will be storing them in (I find storing them in my Downloads\SSoW folder along with my SSoW objects is neat and most convenient).


Despite the fact that these fixes are"iff" files they do not get installed directly into your game. These are not playable objects or houses. Instead these small iff files must get "imported" into each object you would like to fix, one object at a time.

  1. OPEN

    Open your "broken" object in IFF Pencil.


    Right click on an empty space in the right hand window frame and choose Import ... from the menu that appears (or you can use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + I)

    You want to "Import one or more Iff files with resources" and you can check off the automatic overwrite box but if you forget it just means hitting yes for every resource so it's no big deal.

    A browsing window will show up. Navigate to wherever you put your Fix file and choose it. A window will pop up showing you all of it's contents. Select all of the resources listed. These will over-write the old resources.

  3. SAVE

    Save your object and test it in the game. All Done :)

Three notes of advice:

  1. Save a backup copy of your original object.
  2. Download and use the appropriate "FIX" files.
  3. Practice applying the fix on one file and then stop and test it before doing a whole batch.