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Fixes and Patches for Sims Objects, For Mac

To use these patches & fixes for Mac, you need Iff Snooper. (under 'Programs')


Despite the fact that these fixes are"iff" files they do not get installed directly into your game. These are not playable objects or houses. Instead the resources from these files must be disassembled & used to replace resources in the object you want to 'fix', one object at a time.

  1. Open your "broken" object in IFF Snooper.

  2. From the 'Export' Menu choose 'Disassemble'. You will be given a pop up box asking you to name the folder, accept the default name & Save. This will create a folder on your desktop, which contains the disassembled resources of your original object. If the object was named, for instance, coolgreenstove.iff the folder will be named *coolgreenstove.iff

  3. Open the 'Fix' file or patch for the object you want to fix in Iff Snooper. Just as in step 2, Export/Disassemble from the Menu, and Save the resorces folder to the desktop.

  4. Now, open the folder created from the disassembling the fix in step 3. There will be a few files in there, they are all 'resource files' which will replace the same resource files in your disassembled object. There will also be 2 files in the folder, the resource 0 & rsmp 0 which are not needed: discard them. Drag ALL the other files (which will usually beging with BHAV, BCON, or SLOT) in the folder & drop them onto the folder of disassembled resources you created in step 2 (i.e. *coolgreenstove.iff). You will be asked if you want to replace the Files already in the folder with the new ones. Click 'Apply to All' & say yes.

  5. Open Iff Snooper, and choose Import/Resources from the menu. Choose the resoucres folder that you just dragged your fix resources into (i.e. *coolgreenstove.iff). You will get a pop up box asking you to name the file: choose the default name & click Save. You will get another pop up asking if you want to overwrite the file of the same name already on your desktop. Click Replace. Now the file on your desktop is fixed & ready to be tested in game

  6. All Done :)

Three notes of advice:

  1. Save a backup copy of your original object.

  2. Download and use the appropriate "FIX" files.

  3. Practice applying the fix on one file and then stop and test it before doing a whole batch.