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SimsCollege.com originally held (free) online classes. The classes ended some time ago and the owners of the site left the material online so others would be able to use them as tutorials and these Entry and Intermediate Level Hacking Lessons were reprinted here with kind permission of the author for those who were having trouble accessing the original site. That site has long since closed down leaving this copy as an Archived version.

Entry Level Hacking Lessons

This class was designed for people who have never before hacked, or have very little working knowledge of hacking. The objective is to introduce terminology and concepts used in hacking, as well as a basic hands-on training to be used as a solid foundation for the ensuing classes.

During the 4-week course, students covered:

  1. Motives, Advertisement, and a brief look at IFFPencil2.
  2. Moods, Motives and Behaviors
  3. Exploration of Sounds and Animations
  4. Functions and BCON Modification

Begin Entry Hacking Level Lessons

Intermediate Hacking Lessons

Intermediate Level hacking is designed to take the students several steps further into the world of hacking, and serves to promote good programming skills and a more developed understanding of how objects work in The Sims game. Prospective students should have a basic understanding of terminology and object functions.
Requirements: Either some hacking knowledge or completion of Entry Level Hacking.

The four Intermediate Hacking Lessons cover:

  1. Variable types, Global calls, and Person type/gender filters
  2. Motives, Skills and interests (beds and chairs)
  3. More on Interests (bookcases)
  4. Introducing Graphics Resources and Randomizing Events (includes adjusting the family budget)

Begin Intermediate Hacking Level Lessons