Lesson 3: Interests & Skill Bar

Last week we did not get to Interests, so we will cover them now. The main objective for this section of the lesson is to create an object that a Sim can use to learn interests and show the skill bar overhead instead of merely earning the interest point. Also this week, we are going to tackle our very first large project. By that I mean that we will have to deal with multiple routines all in one behavior, and routines that are quite lengthy.


In total there are 15 different interests an Adult Sim can learn or acquire, and there are 8 for the children. The table below shows the interests for each type of Sim and the corresponding code number.

       ADULTS                                      CHILDREN
13 Exercise (HD)    
14 Food (HD)    
16 Parties (HD)    
20 Style (HD)    
26 Hollywood (HD)    
46 Travel 46 Toys
47 Money/Violence 47 Aliens
48 Politics 48 Pets
49 60's 49 School
50 Weather 50 Weather
51 Sports 51 Sports
52 Music 52 Music
53 Outdoors 53 Outdoors
54 Technology    

Use Tmog to clone the expensive bookcase and name your clone interestbookcase.iff. Close Tmog when done and then launch IFF.

The bookcase gives Sims the opportunity to learn two skills: cooking and mechanical and as far as the rest go, it's mostly left up to chance. The exception is the Hot Date skills which they can learn from magazines.