ILH :: LESSON 2 - Personalities, Skills & Interests

We'll start this week by looking at personalities and their codes. Get out your notebooks and Code Books and take some notes as we go.


These are the codes for personality types:

2 Nice 5 Playful
3 Active 6 Outgoing
4 Generous 7 Neat

Open up IFF and let's do some practical exercises. We'll start by writing a statement to add ONE Nice personality point. When you open IFF it will be totally empty because we're not bringing an object into the program. So, it will look... blank:

Fig. 1.1

Not under "All Resources" but rather in the right-hand side panel right click and select "Add" from the menu, and when the Add Item box pops up, type in the following information (we're just making it up):

Fig. 1.2